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LED Lights


LED bulbs are very energy efficient when compared to the incandescent bulbs and the CFLs. They are also extremely cost effective, as they will last several times longer than their traditional counterparts do.

LED lighting is the latest invention in lighting technology and LED bulbs are renowned as being very energy efficient. LED technology uses the solid state circuitry to emit light. An LED light uses a semiconductor, which contains certain tiny particles called electrons. When electric current passes through the LED bulb, the electrons start moving inside the semi-conductor and it is this movement that emits light. The beauty of LED lighting technology is that it doesn’t involve any kind of filament. As a result, LED light bulbs produce much less heat than their traditional counterparts.

Since they do not produce any heat, the consumption of electricity in case of LED bulbs is very low. Most incandescent bulbs generate much more heat and thus waste a lot of electricity. CFLs also generate a lot of heat, unlike their LED equivalents. The energy efficiency of these bulbs is not really affected by their size and shapes, as happens in case of the fluorescent tubes or traditional light bulbs. LED light bulbs give more light per watt when compared to other modern lighting solutions and since they do not produce any heat, they are much easier to handle during installation.

You can buy energy saving LED bulbs in various colours such as blue, white, amber, pink, red, purple, yellow, green and so on. You can also find some excellent LED colour changing bulbs. All of them look very vibrant and rich. You can also buy LED tubes, LED strip lights, LED spotlights, and LED garden lights and so on as per the purpose for which you are going to use these LED bulbs. LED bulbs are manufactured in such a way as to withstand a lot of shock, vibration and even variations in the temperature, whilst being absolutely flicker-free, and totally eco-friendly. They can bring in a lot of elegance and charm to your house, while reducing your electricity bills significantly.

Whichever LED bulbs you choose, make sure you take a look at the MR11 series,MR16 series, G4 series, GU10 series, E27 series and the dimmable series. LED light bulbs are made by closely arranging a number of light emitting diodes inside the bulb to give it the distinct shape. The light that these LED bulbs emit is said to closely resemble normal daylight which is not so in case of the incandescent and CFL bulbs. The energy characteristics of LED light bulbs really come into play when you consider their life-span, most LED bulbs are stated to last for up to 100,000 hours. Whereas a CFL would last for around 10,000 hours and an incandescent bulb would last only for about 1000 hours. That’s 10 times longer than a standard light bulb! Although LED bulbs can be quite expensive to buy at the outset, looking at its life span and energy efficiency, you can say that it can be very cost-effective in the long run.

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