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After Sales: Your orders

  • Where Is My Order?
After logging in at, click "My Account" to see a list of your order. You can see the order numbers.

Order delivery times:

Please note, the majority of orders arrive with our customers within 10 days of placing an order online.
Please allow five days from payment before you email us requesting an update.
If there is a problem such as the warehouse being out of stock, we will contact you to give you the option to change to other items.

  • How to Change or Add To an Existing Order?
Can I add a product to my order after I've already paid?
Can I remove or change products in my order if I've already paid?

Please always ask us first if you wish to make changes to an order you have already paid for. We might already have sent it out - there is a 24 hour delay between dispatch from China and getting a tracking number when the goods clear Hong Kong.

Unfortunately it is not that easy for us to tweak orders, because if you change the items in the order, that will also change the shipping costs, often quite significantly just for one or two items.

If you want to add an item to your order to combine them and save on shipping, we actually recommend you just cancel the first order and place a new one as follows:

1. Instruct us to cancel the first order. We will confirm the credit on your account by email. Your old order invoice will stay visible on your account history for reference.
2. Make a new order with the same items as before and add in the new item(s).
3. Check out that new order and note the total including shipping.
4. Using Paypal or Bank Transfer pay the difference, i.e. New Total minus Old Total On Credit. In the comments for the payment reference the previous order number and any credit authorisation notes we gave you (usually not necessary as we will know who you are.)

If you want to make changes, please let us know your instructions as soon as you can. If you email us asking about making changes we will hold the order until you have confirmed your instructions.

  • What Does My Order Status Mean?
The normal order statuses are as follows:
  1. Checking Your Order
  2. Checking Your Payment
  3. Processing Your Order
  4. Packing Your Order
  5. Order Sent Out
  6. Delivered Successfully

  • New Customer? Read About: Payment Verification
The first time you place an order on, we might need to obtain some faxed / emailed details from you to confirm the payment for your order is authorized.

This is a standard anti-fraud check and only applies to certain types of orders. A common case requiring a verification check is the first time you drop-ship - i.e. ship to a different address than your billing address.

If a check is necessary, we will contact you personally to explain the requirements and advise you on our confidentiality guarantee.
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When you visit, register, or order product(s) on this website, you will be asked to provide certain information about yourself, including your name and contact details. We may also collect information about your usage of the website, as well as information about you from emails and letters you send to us. We will keep ALL your personal information strictly confidential. We do NOT sell or rent this information to third parties for their marketing purposes.